AI Brainstorming Kit
A resource to explore what to build with AI

We are a research group at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute↗. Based on the industry best practices for AI innovation, we created a design resource to support teams in brainstorming AI products and services.

Today, most AI projects fail prior to deployment because teams choose the wrong things to build. What we need is effective brainstorming to identify low-risk, high-value AI concepts, things that are buildable and desirable.

Our workshop kit distills AI capabilities to help teams understand what AI can do. It also involves a curated set of AI product examples for effective brainstorming. We draw from design thinking and participatory approaches to engage non-technical stakeholders in the early phases of AI product development.

If you'd like to set up an AI brainstorming workshop at your organization, drop us a line below.

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Nur Yildirim, Changhoon Oh, Deniz Sayar, Kayla Brand, Supritha Challa, Violet Turri, Nina Crosby Walton, Anna Elise Wong, Jodi Forlizzi, James McCann, John Zimmerman. Creating Design Resources to Scaffold the Ideation of AI Concepts. In Proceedings of the 2023 Designing Interactive Systems Conference. Pittsburgh, USA.

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